Don't wish for it, Work for it !

— Jim Rohn —

Our Vision

ARTAK PICTURES is a collective and a production company owned and managed by women working in entertainment.

The founders, Floriane, Marianne, Yessi and Nina started the company in 2021.

Coming from France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, they represent the young and innovative European Generation.

ARTAK PICTURES bridges continents by developing projects that resonate globally, fostering connections between the United States and Europe.

Founded on the belief that diversity and inclusivity are essential for creating impactful and compelling stories, the company was born from a collective desire to empower and amplify the voices of women in the film industry.

ARTAK PICTURES is committed to championing female filmmakers, storytellers, and artists and pave the way for a more comprehensive and diverse cinematic landscape.

Latest work includes the feature film "Wish You Where Here" distributed by Universal and directed by Julia Stiles, and "I Live Here Now" distributed by Utopia, directed by Julie Pacino.


Meet The Team

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